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Toowoomba Airport is an airport located 2.2NM northwest from the CBD of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Toowoomba Airport is officially known as Toowoomba Aerodrome and is both licensed and certified. The aerodrome is owned and operated by Toowoomba Regional Council. Being certified means the airfield is able to have airlines and larger charter aircraft operate from the aerodrome. Being licensed means that the aerodrome is regulated by federal transport security regulations. Toowoomba Aerodrome does not have a control tower, however the airfield is regulated and operated under Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations of aviation operations at non-tower controlled aerodromes.HistoryToowoomba was once a port of call on a Qantas International Airline Service and a Qantas flight between Brisbane and Toowoomba was the first unsubsidized passenger service in Australia. This regular daily service commenced on 9 May 1928 with a de Havilland DH.50.Several notable people have landed in Toowoomba. Bert Hinkler, born in Bundaberg, Queensland, was another pioneer aviator. In 1928 he flew the first solo flight from England to Australia, for this achievement he flew his Avro Avian G-EBOV. It was on 16 June 1928 that Hinkler landed in Toowoomba at the Clifford Park racecourse flying G-EBOV. On 29 May 1930, the first woman to fly from England to Australia, Amy Johnson, landed at the Werrington Park Aerodrome – now called the Toowoomba Airport (also known as the Wilsonton Airport). In August 1932 Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, a pioneer Australian aviator, landed at Toowoomba in his Fokker Trimotor named the 'Southern Cross'. It was in this plane that he made the first non-stop flight across the Australian continent and the first flight across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand.

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