The Dice Spot, 07 3142 2772, Retail and Consumer Merchandise, Lawnton

Gaming store serving north-side of Brisbane, come in to play Magic the Gathering, D&D, Warhammer, and other Role playing, board, card and tabletop games

We are open 5 days a week. Tables are available for use even if we have "other" activities scheduled. (Wednesday evening we have Warmachine players, Thursday evening we have board games and Dungeon and Dragons groups, Friday evening is Magic FNM and x-wing, Saturday's we have D&D, pathfinders and MTG Drafters, Sunday morning we have a multitude of different games on and in the afternoon there is a group of board gamers) Please phone ahead to ensure that we are open and can accommodate your group :)

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Address & Contact

709 Gympie Road
07 3142 2772
Retail and Consumer Merchandise

Map & Directions

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