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'SugaRay' Shiatsu-Do is a unique form of Bodywork with its principles based in Japanese and Chinese Traditional Oriental Medicine. Performance enhancing.

SugaRay Shiatsu-Do is a Japanese based bodywork treatment therapy combining both Eastern and Western diagnosis and treatment techniques. Simply speaking it's like acupuncture without the needles. Combine Eastern energy medicine with postural integration, muscle balancing, energy meridians and fascia manipulation and we have Shiatsu-Do. Each treatment combines diagnosis and treatment to create long term physical, menatl adn emotional balancing. I do work strategically with athletes to prevent injury, injury management (some sports a high contact), speed recovery, improve sleep and enhance performance helping you to perform Better, Stronger, Faster and Longer. The mind plays an essential role in the physical optimum capabilities of the body and we cannot separate these essential functions. With regular Shiatsu-Do you will feel an improved sense of Wellbeing so start smiling today!

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1/73 Township Drive, West Burleigh
Gold Coast

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