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Skerrett Equine is personal development, growth and transformation through horses. We facilitated EFL and RFI

Why Horses?
Thousands of years of nonverbal communication between horses in herd environments have made them masterful at reading and communicating body language and intention. Even the subtlest shift in energy or emotion from a horse can be sensed and interpreted by another horse without the need for verbalisation.

As human beings we sometimes lack that kind of mental and emotional congruency when we communicate to others, because we are often disconnected from our emotions and our bodies. Instead, we spend more time living in our heads and as a result we might attempt to conceal how we are really feeling deep down.

Horses, on the other hand, are always congruent, present, connected to their bodies and completely honest about how they are feeling, giving them a powerful presence and authenticity. Learning about ourselves through horses allows us to reconnect with our deeper selves, because the horse will only respond to our underlying emotions and intentions and not the ‘mask’ that we might wear to cover up our insecurities, vulnerabilities, and authenticity.

Ben Skerrett is the owner and founder of Skerrett Equine. At a young age, Ben developed a very strong connection with horses. That connection led him to numerous opportunities to work with and train horses.

In 2006 Ben moved to the Sunshine Coast where he started a very successful horse training business with his wife Linda. BLS Horsemanship focuses on educating and empowering people with their horses by understanding the strong interaction between the two.

Ben has always had a passion for personal development and understanding human behaviour. Exploring this passion led Ben to the knowledge, that horse training was more about training people and less about training horses. As a result of that knowledge Ben decided to become a qualified Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning (EFEL) instructor, and a Riding Focused Instructor (RFI). Ben also completed a diploma in counselling from the National Education Academy.

Many years of teaching people to overcome adversity with their horses has allowed Ben to develop his unique and powerful approach to personal transformation. The valuable life lessons that Ben has learned from his greatest teachers…the horses… allow him to facilitate powerful transformations within individuals and organizations alike.

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