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Shaggy Sheep Produce has been a dream of mine for over ten years. Finally it's happening! The paddock was cleared and trusty Trixie the Tractor has been given some TLC, the ancient tiller has received an overhaul and a touch of grease ready to turn the first clod. Exciting times!
I love growing food. I've had a dream to produce fresh fruit, veges and eggs for my local community for some time now. It's going to be hard yakka, but well worth it. I have a few ideas - weekly boxes, a farm gate, selling through local shops and farmers markets. So far I have a planting plan, tilled rows (21 of them!) and a seed catalogue. The bore pump is on order and the hot house for seed propagation is still a dream.

The chicken population is dwindling - the old girls have been dropping off the perch lately. We are down to six hens and Mongrel the Rooster. I suspect old Mongrel is past his reproductive days, so it's time to consider a replacement. The problem with that is Mongrel has been around for 6 years and we are kind of attached to him. He is a lovely rooster and quite handsome. I don't know how he'll go with a younger, more strapping opponent in the coop and we can't possibly move him on. It will be interesting. Hopefully not too much bloodshed. A chicken tractor is in the planning stages to go over the garden beds so the girls can help with the weeding and fertilising.

The garden will be completely chemical free and eventually sustainable - I suspect this will take some time. I will be gardening with permaculture principles in mind, a lot of which I'll be learning along the way.

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