Port Stephens Family and Neighbourhood Services, 02 4987 4674 or 02 4987 1331, Non-Profit Organization, Raymond Terrace

Providing support to families and children in Port Stephens for 20 years.
Counselling & Housing Services, Playgroups, Youth Programs, Parenting Programs

Port Stephens Family and Neighbourhood Services have been delivering service to families with children in the Port Stephens LGA for over 20 years. Throughout Port Stephens we offer: Family and children's counselling, parent's & carer's groups, children's groups, domestic violence support & legal clinics, Aboriginal dance & culture groups, playtime groups, Aboriginal family history and outreach programs. All our services are free. All groups have free child care. Counselling can be at one of our centres or in your home.

Playtime Groups

Playtime groups are a fun and friendly way to get support with raising your preschooler. Children and their parent/carer participate in play activities designed by our qualified early childhood workers to cover all areas of children's development. Parents/carers can meet other parents/carers to share advice, a laugh and a coffee. Family workers are also available throughout the group to help you and your child and have a chat about anything that might be concerning you. Some of our Playtime groups also have workers from other services such as Child Health, Dental Health, Women's Health and so on who visit our groups from time to time to answer any questions you might have. For example, one week a dental nurse might come and show the children how to clean their teeth using giant size toothbrushes and rabbit "patients", and talk with the adults about how to help their children care for their teeth.

You don't need to book; just come along. If you prefer, Family Workers are always happy to have a chat with you first on the phone so you can find out about playtime groups.

All playtime groups have a family worker and an early childhood worker.

We also have different playtime groups that may appeal like Kindy Gym, Kindy Rec and Mum's and Bub's swimming lessons.

Adult Groups

Our adult groups are generally focused around support on raising children.
Children's Groups alongside Adult Groups (Child Care)

Children are offered fun and developmental activities by qualified and experienced early childhood workers. The most common 'complaint' is "I don't want to go home".

Children's Groups

Our children's groups are a popular way for children to have some fun and to get support around troubles in their lives or around behaviours that are not working for them at home or at school.

Our children's groups are all facilitated by qualified and experienced children's counsellors. We have a variety of children's groups that are offered based on local need. Please call us if you would like to talk about any of the groups or if your child needs support.

We have lots of Aboriginal children's dance and culture groups where children can learn about their culture and practice to participate in local festivals. These groups are staffed by Aboriginal cultural development workers.

We have a qualified Aboriginal family history worker on our staff who can assist you find out about where you come from.

We also offer music workshops and hold events from time to time.

Need support to connect with your child's school? Or just more info? Give us a ring and we can fill you in on how we can help.

Domestic Violence Support

We have specialist experienced domestic violence workers. We respect women's choices and pace and that women know best what will work for themselves and their family. Women can access individual counselling and support and/or participate in a domestic violence support group. We also have a lawyer on site and free legal clinics with child care available.

Children living with, or who have lived with, domestic violence can also benefit from meeting with a children's counsellor and/or coming to one of our children's groups.

Our workers have established a good working relationship with other specialist services and are able to support women in accessing what they need.

Please phone the service to book into a legal clinic/appointment or talk with a domestic violence worker.

If you can't find the group you are looking for?
Let us know. We may be able to start a new group/program or let you know of another service that offers that particular group/program.

We now have 4 locations:

3 Phillip Road
Raymond Terrace
02 4987 4674
Open Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

3 Jacaranda Ave
Raymond Terrace
02 4987 1331
Open Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm

1a Kangaroo Ave (The Deck)
Raymond Terrace
02 4987 6204
Open Thursday - Friday

Mallabula Community Hall
Lemon Tree Passage Rd
Tanilba Bay
02 4984 5298
Open Monday - Friday
Times vary

ERF- is financial assistance. There is also assistance with Electricity and Telstra.
Appointments can only be made on the day and can be made in person or by phone. Due to the high demand, it is suggested people call 4987 1331 or be 3 Jacaranda Ave at 9am

OZ HARVEST - is an Australian food rescue organisation which collects surplus food from local business and supermarkets throughout the community.
Oz Harvest delivers to 3 Jacaranda Ave on a Monday at 1.30 (bring concession card).

THE DECK - A place to drop in and hang out, play Xbox, PlayStation, computer
games, ping pong, pool, watch dvds, use the internet, join in art & craft & jewellery making and much more! Come & join in with regular events and activities such as movie nights, band nights, cooking and heaps more!
Who is the Deck for: Anyone
aged 12-18 years of age

PLAYTIME - For parents and carers with under school age children.
Wednesdays at 3 Phillip Rd 10am-12pm

YOUNG PARENTS GROUP - for parents (or expecting parents) 25 years and under.
Thursdays at 3 Phillip Rd 10am-12pm

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Address & Contact

3 Phillip Rd & 3 Jacaranda Ave
Raymond Terrace
02 4987 4674 or 02 4987 1331
Non-Profit Organization

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