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We are a local business providing families with reliable, caring babysitters, as well as offering party planning and hosting bundles. A helping hand!

'P E E K A B O O kids Babysitting & Party Activities' is a collaboration of Liv's Little Ones, and Leesh's Face Painting. These two small businesses have been locally operating since 2014, and all the girls currently employed are very experienced.

Many of our sitters have younger siblings and therefore are constantly living and helping care for young children, from newborns, up to primary and early secondary ages. You can contact Olivia Moore, or Aleesha Gibby when you require a babysitter, they will then organise one of the girls who work for P E E K A B O O kids to look after your child(ren) or Aleesha and Olivia may also be available.

All the girls are great with all ages, some are more suited to newborns, and some more suited to older children, so they will organise the best sitter for your personal needs.

P E E K A B O O kids takes the stress out of trying to organise a babysitter, and last minute requests are more than welcome. And with our great party bundles we can also take the stress out of planning your children's parties, baby showers, and other similar events.

We not only provide babysitting at your home, but also at motels, hotels, and other temporary accommodation, as well as at events such as wedding receptions, and any other events with creche like facilities available.

We are happy to offer face painting separately if needed.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any enquires.

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