, 0415818261, Real Estate, Upper Coomera is a Queensland based search firm assisting sellers and buyers navigate the sales process for lots within body corporates

Body corporates are complex. Its not their fault, they're just designed that way. Its a result of having to balance the needs of many in a way that's fair and equitable.

Navigating the world of body corporates can be a bit difficult, particularly since there's a lot of jargon used. seeks to demystify some of that information by offering a series of free, easy to read articles about the workings of body corporates.

In addition we undertake body corporate record searches and prepare reports.

In Queensland if you're selling a lot in a body corporate you need to supply a section 206 disclosure statement for inclusion in the contract. prepares disclosure statements.

If you're buying in a body corporate it's a vital step in due diligence to find out what's going on with the common property, since you are about to become an part owner!

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