Mojito Joe's, (02) 4831 1712, Restaurant/Cafe, Avoca Beach

A Tiki inspired escape
A unique venue for locals and those adrift, inspired by the casual elegance of the 1950's. Food is share-fare with a Pacific rim flavour

Here at Mojito Joes, it’s all about living the good life the way the cocktail set did back in the day; having fun, listening to jazz and island music, with a jungle twist, all to the background of the waves crashing on Avoca beach.
Our food is best described as share-fare. A combination of Pacific and Asian cuisine, drinks are mostly rum-based, complex, traditionally punchy rather than sweet.

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Address & Contact

Upstairs, 85 Avoca Drive
Avoca Beach
(02) 4831 1712

Map & Directions

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