Little Black Dress, Non-Profit Organization, Doncaster East

Little Black Dress is an initiative committed to raising awareness, and much needed financial support, for those directly affected by domestic violence.

Domestic violence and abuse is prevalent. It doesn’t have to be just physical scars… sometimes the emotional scars last longer than the physical ones. The problem is most people suffer in silence. They feel alone. They don’t know what options they have, what help they can get, where to turn to.

We want to change that, offer a voice to those who have lost theirs, to offer guidance, support and strength. No one should feel helpless. Even those who do have people in their lives, who have reached out, how many have had someone reach back? So many people do not want to get involved, maybe they are too busy, they don’t know how to help, or maybe because they themselves fear the abuser.

That’s where Little Black Dress comes in. To reach back, hold out a hand and offer the support and guidance so desperately needed.

We are a not for profit initiative that started after noticing a need to offer other services to women trying to end an abusive relationship. Being lawyers we are all about the technical side of things… filing applications, dividing property.. but there’s so much more to it. The end of a relationship isn’t ever this black and white. So many of these woman need support, someone to listen, someone to guide the way in getting their identity and strength back that has been robbed of them by a destructive relationship. We offer a network of services that may be needed such as finding emergency accommodation, what legal courses of action are available and counseling services, just to name a few.

Our aim is to grow this network.

Let’s stand united so no one ever feels hopeless and alone.

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4/1004 Doncaster Road
Doncaster East
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