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Helping the fur babies, adults and seniors of the Coolgardie Shire find their forever home!

We started this rather long journey when a friend purchased a house that had a cat living in her backyard.
The cat had been fed by the real estate, but was never mentioned by them when she purchased.
The cat, according to the vet, was an older female, 5-9 years old, desexed but not microchipped or apparently wanted by her original owners.
She was beautiful, calm and amazing to pat as her fur was very soft and thick.
How could anyone dump such an amazing animal?
We took her home and my husband was found to be quite allergic to her, so we started asking around for anyone who wanted a cat and it was like a whole new world opened up around us.
Abandoned cats, dogs, rabbits - you name it - the Shire of Coolgardie was inundated with them and no one was taking responsibility for this epidemic.
The Rescue places in Kalgoorlie were overwhelmed and the Pound was euthanising animals as fast as they were getting them in, just to make room for the flow!
How could we help? How could we make a change?
Well, we are still finding that bit out, but let me tell you - every little bit helps in the end.
Every feral cat off the streets, every FIV+ cat diagnosed, every Mummy-Cat desexed and every Tom Cat desexed means less trouble cats!
Every dog microchipped and desexed equals responsible ownership and Shire Registration!

If we can only spread the word and get people to be proactive - who knows? Maybe we won't have the need to rescue animals... Maybe....

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