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Premium Coconut Products from a region where our family coconut plantations are located. Offering Coconut Oil | Wraps | Sugar & Amino Sauce.

The story of Jimalie is one of humility, hard work and pure love.

Over 60 years ago, our grandparents persevered to acquire farmland that has now spanned three generations of coconut farmers. This farm is situated in a vast area known as the ‘fruit basket’ of the Philippines - a place rich with volcanic soil, and one of the last true paradises in the world.

The name Jimalie was created between a dedicated coconut farmer named Jim and the locality of his farm - a small remote village in Davao, called Alejal (prounounced Alie-hal).

Jim’s hard work created an opportunity for his family to migrate to Australia. He always remembered the village where he came from and visited as often as he could. Having experienced the challenges as a coconut farmer, Jim decided to help make a difference in the quality of life for other farmers and their families in the area. He involved himself in many projects and contributing what he could to help the local village before his passing in 2005.

Jim believed that everyone deserved a fair-go. His life was about being happy, and more importantly, making those around him just as happy. To us, Jim was an inspiring grandfather, a wise father, a loving husband, a reliable brother and a larger than life uncle.

“Live simply, so others may simply live”.

Jimalie brings together everything that Jim and the farm represent - a healthy, happy, inspiring life and a fair-go for all. Today, Jimalie is based in Cairns, Australia, and our family farm in Davao is a beautiful reminder for us to appreciate all we have in life, and to live simple, healthy and happy lives.

The legacy and passion that Jim left behind, is what drives Jimalie committed to Organic, FairTrade and 100% all-natural coconut products. Ensuring better lives for farmers and supporting sustainable production in Davao.

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Avoca Beach
02 4339 3846

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