Deakin UG Student Mentors, (03)92446198, Education, Burwood East

The drop-in-station offers dedicated student mentor assistance and guidance. We are open each weekday from 10:30pm-3:30pm in room LB2.306. Drop on in! :)

The Mentors at UG Drop in Station are available to answer your questions- they understand what it is like, have been where you are, and are eager to pass on helpful and important tips/suggestions to make your university life easier.

We can help you with:
- Practical help with resources like Cloud Deakin and Student Connect
- Time management
- Approaching assignments
- Maintaining work, study and life balance
- Tips on how to work smarter not harder!

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Address & Contact

LB2.306, 221 Burwood Highway
Burwood East

Map & Directions

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