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I am a loctician and I am offering cheap prices while I build up my portfolio.
About me
I had dreadlocks for 8 years and combed them out 2 years ago to recently put them back in.
I have been doing dreadlocks for friends and customers here and there for about 10 years I have recently completed the course and have fine tuned my skills my methods are all natural using no wax or chemicals and you loose very little length.
I can do
Natural dreadlocks
Dreadlock extensions using synthetic or human hair.
synthetic braided extensions also known as box braids and african braiding (no cornrows yet sorry)
Synthetic dreadlock installs
Dreadlock maintenance
Dreadlocks repair

I Live in the Oberon NSW area and will be working from my home studio by appointment please message me or email on [email protected] you can also add me as a friend on my personal profile betteroff dreads I'm happy to answer any questions :)

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